Miami Sound Stage​

  • STUDIO FLOOR: 60' x 95'
  • GRID: 17'
  • CYCLORAMA: Hard Plaster, 95' long, 35' dogleg, coved
  • ELECTRIC SERVICE: 1200 Amps. @ 110V
  • A/C: 60 ton, three zone, silent
  • ACCESS: Drive in from parking lot
  • WATER & DRAINAGE: On stage

SUPPORT AREAS: Conference & Producer's offices, lunchroom, one large & two small dressing rooms, greenroom & lounge

SOUNDPROOFING: Totally isolated from shop with double soundproofed doors & walls; soundproofed walls & ceiling, sealed & soundproofed exterior doors. Sound bell & light system.


  • BUILD day: $1200.--
  • PRELIGHT day: (includes power) $1400.--
  • SHOOT day: (includes power) $1400.--
  • STRIKE day: $1200.--

Rental days include use of all support areas and free local telephone use; long distance phone calls will be charged following End-of-Month billing by the telephone company.
Rates refer to 10 hour days. Overtime rate is $150.-- per hour. Start time is flexible from 7AM to 9AM.

Weekend and holiday rates are 25% additional.
The cyclorama is supplied as 100% white (to, but not including, the floor). Painted floors and colored cycs. available, negotiated on a per-job basis.


Division of Propmasters