Division of Propmasters

Scenery - Mechanical Effects - Design & Construction

Our scene shop provides: sets, set construction, stage sets, scenery construction, convention exhibits, displays, trade show exhibits, set design, signs, scenic studio, soundstage, models, miniatures, special effects rigging, movies, television, commercials, industrials, location work, vacuforming, plastic castings


​A 60' X 95' Soundstage (Hard Cyc.) Adjacent to the shop and entirely soundproofed, including a conference room, production office, lunchroom, dressing rooms, and greenroom.

Sets Miami, Scenery Miami, Propmasters Miami, Miami Sound Stage

  • 20,000 Square Foot Complete, Well Equipped, Modern Scenic Studio
  • Set Construction & Design Of Scenery, Props, & Effects
  • Drop Painting & Rentals
  • Signage Of All Kinds
  • Vacuformed Plastics, Stock And Custom Shapes
  • Location Work, Including Rigging & Scenery In, On, And Under Water
  • Miniatures & Models